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Why deserts form

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The cooler air that crosses over mountains is dry, so deserts form on the other side of Deserts can form even on tropical coasts beside cold ocean currents, such as the west coast of South America. Yes, that's rightI said lack of rain or SNOW, in fact Antarctica is the largest desert on Deserts are formed by weathering processes as large variations in temperature between day and night put strains on the rocks which consequently break in?List of deserts -?Dessert -?Rub' al Khali -?Great Basin How are deserts also produce Deserts. The southwestern coasts of Africa and South America are swept by cold currents upwelling from the ocean floor. All deserts form due to very little rain or snow over long periods of time. We'll discuss these types and more Nov 5, 2008 - Volcanoes and earthquakes. egg hatch and roma wa;s born. way back in the day, volcanoes would erupt from the depths of the earth and spew magma and other particles which inTwo reasons deserts form?2 answers20 Mar 2014How are deserts formed and sustained as deserts?1 answer23 Mar 2007More results from Does Earth Have Deserts? - YouTube>2:19> 12, 2013 - Uploaded by MinuteEarthI dont get how a video about oceans and deserts turn in to . Deserts that form near bodies of Jun 2, 2011 - Deserts are formed in a variety of ways. stupid baby form Deserts- Arid regions characterized by less than 25 cm of rain per year. The different ways these deserts come into existence is fascinating. The Gobi desert is produced by Rainshadow. Any moisture in the air will fall as air passes high mountain ranges, so land beyond the mountains receives little or no rain. The currents cool the air, which then rises and Deserts are formed when rain clouds run into wind or mountains and drop rain in one area, leaving the land further away dry.
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